What Makes a Perfect Day for Fishing?

Fishing at Dream Lake LodgeA perfect day spent fishing is as memorable as it is relaxing and enjoyable. The perfect fishing day is neither too hot nor too cold. For the most part, fish prefer the early morning light and the twilight evening sun. They like to feed in warmer waters. In the middle of the day, fish tend to go deeper into the water, to take advantage of more oxygen and to avoid any windy conditions.

Fish also respond to barometric conditions so their feeding habits decrease during the cold weather and particularly during a storm. So, prepare yourself to be a morning or evening person when you are ready to enjoy successful fishing. However, some experienced fishermen don’t believe there’s a certain time of day to catch fish. That’s because they believe more in the factors that impact the fish. Some of the most common impacts on lake fish include:

  • Weather
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Water Temperature

The best fishing in Alabama is at Dream Lake Lodge. Contact us at (205) 652-4545 for more information on our lakes, boats, and experienced guides. Visit to find out our fishing particulars, such as the kind of fish in our lakes, which include Florida, Tiger, and Fl Bass, with Blue Gill, Coppernose Bream, Thread Fin Shad, Tilapia, and Crawfish for bait fish.

Get Fit for Deer Season

Deer Hunting Season at Dream Lake LodgeYou will enjoy hunting during deer season more if you have worked on your physical fitness at least six months before the season starts. You already know that tracking and shooting, along with patience, are skills you take with you on a hunt. However, the more physically fit you are the better your experience will be.

When your cardiovascular system is in good shape, you won’t care how much ground you have to cover to find your deer. No matter how much hunting gear you have to carry, if you’ve been lifting weights to stay in shape, you’ll have no trouble carrying the gear and dragging out your trophy specimen. The more you practice any or all of the following, the more you will enjoy participating in deer-hunting season:

  • Stretch your muscles. As you have to stay in the same positions for a long time, limbering up your muscles helps you stay comfortable. Some of the best areas to stretch for hunters are shoulders, hamstrings, and hip flexors.
  • You can practice climbing up moderate elevations or walking on surfaces that aren’t level. You gain energy from hiking or even practicing jogs or fast walks.
  • You don’t need a personal trainer to tell you to do push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches. The strength you gain from these exercises increases your overall fitness levels.

When you’re ready to experience this year’s deer hunting season, check out, a well-known hunting lodge in Alabama. Call us at (205) 652-4545 to find out about our stunning land and lakes, and get ready for the outdoor experience of a lifetime.

Dream Lake and Lodge Summer Youth Boys Camp

dennis-hallinan-silhouette-of-father-and-son-fishing-at-sunset in boat

For all of you young future outdoorsman, our summer camp is perfect for you to get a taste of mother natures best and experience a variety of what our wonderful outdoors offers.  You will learn and sharpen your fishing and hunting skills while having fun and building lasting memories.  

Dream Lake camp includes fishing (fly and casting), boat safety, gun safety, clay shooting, target shooting, wildlife identification, kayaking, topo map reading, building birdhouses, turkey calling, duck calling, first aid, archery, conservation, leadership and lots of good southern cooking.

Sessions: 3 day camps    
June  9-12   (arrive 5 pm 6/9 and depart 5 pm 6/12)
June 16-19  (arrive 5 pm 6/16 and depart 5 pm 6/19)
June 23-26  (arrive 5 pm 6/23 and depart 5 pm 6/26)
July 7-10     (arrive 5 pm 7/7 and depart 5 pm 7/10)

Sessions:  5 day camps    
June 30- July 5 (arrive 5 pm 6/30 and depart 5 pm 7/5)
July 21-July 26 (arrive 5 pm 6/30 and depart 5 pm 7/5)
July 28-Aug 2   (arrive 5 pm 7/28 and depart 5 pm 8/2)
3 day camps:  $650 per person
5 day camps:  $900 per person

Includes Sunday supper and 3 meals per day (no supper on final day).

Full coverage medical insurance is required.

Our goal is a FUN and SAFE experience.

Shimano Reps Visit Dreamlake

shimano display patio boat in background

Shimano reps visited Dreamlake the week of October 22nd and had a very successful trip.