Dream Lake I and Dream Lake II have proven to be two of the best managed trophy bass fishing lakes in the south.  They are stocked with Florida, Tiger, and FI Bass and plenty of baitfish with Blue Gill, Coppernose Bream, Thread Fin Shad, Tilapia and Crawfish.  The lakes have 100’s of rock piles, flooded timber, ledges and ditches and numerous under water aerators.  Both Lakes have depths up to 25′ foot deep and each lake has a large dock with covered boat slips with  power and water. We provide the best equipment for your comfort with our fleet of  fourteen 21 ft. Stratos Bass boats equipped with Minn Kota foot controlled trolling motors. Dream Lake has three other lakes for raising Trophy Bass and bait fish in order to keep our size and catch rate to the maximum.  Overnight stays are recommended to catch the early morning top water bite. And we have the most hospitable guides available upon request.


Fishing Rules:

The main reason Dream Lake remains one of the top trophy bass fisheries is because  we have learned over the years how to manage a catch and release program that ensures not only your enjoyment of catching numbers and quality, but having great catch rates week after week.  Our primary rules are easy to follow and are designed to ensure a successful trip 1) artificial bait only 2) no wide gap hooks 3) no braided line or fire wire 4) no sinking soft plastic baits (example: Sinko’s) 5) no Alabama rigs 6) no Carolina rigs and 7) no leaders.