What Makes a Perfect Day for Fishing?


Fishing at Dream Lake LodgeA perfect day spent fishing is as memorable as it is relaxing and enjoyable. The perfect fishing day is neither too hot nor too cold. For the most part, fish prefer the early morning light and the twilight evening sun. They like to feed in warmer waters. In the middle of the day, fish tend to go deeper into the water, to take advantage of more oxygen and to avoid any windy conditions.

Fish also respond to barometric conditions so their feeding habits decrease during the cold weather and particularly during a storm. So, prepare yourself to be a morning or evening person when you are ready to enjoy successful fishing. However, some experienced fishermen don’t believe there’s a certain time of day to catch fish. That’s because they believe more in the factors that impact the fish. Some of the most common impacts on lake fish include:

  • Weather
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Water Temperature

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